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3 Things To Include In Your Back To School Cleaning


August is getting started which means school is just around the corner, whether you like it or not. Starting school again can be a scary but exciting time for you and your kids with a lot of new adventures ahead. With all of the back to school shopping lists that you might have, it can be easy to forget about your home and the importance of thinking about a back to school cleaning. Whatever your needs might be, Chem-Dry of SW Michigan is ready to help you out with your cleaning needs. Here are some ways to do your back to school cleaning! 

Reorganizing clutter

With your kids at home, it can be easy to be a little more relaxed with cleaning and not dealing with clutter. With your kids going back to school, it can be a great opportunity to get the clutter organized in your house so your kids can stay on top of things when school starts. Getting rid of things that you don’t want or need anymore can also help in your future cleanings. You might consider donating old clothes or other items that others would use more than you.

Get your kids involved

Summer vacation is a fun time for kids. They don’t have school and can enjoy some warm weather. Your kids might have lost their routine and it could be a good idea for you to help them get back on one by having them help you clean. A cleaning checklist is good but having your kids help is even better! Consider creating a cleaning checklist for your kids that helps them in your back to school clean up and gets them back on some sort of routine. 

Get your furniture and carpets cleaned

Your carpets and furniture receive a lot of traffic, especially when your kids are home for the summer. When they go back to school it can give your carpet and upholstery items a rest. This can be a good time to get things clean and keep them clean while your kids are at school. Chem-Dry of SW Michigan provides professional carpet and upholstery cleaning services in Edwardsburg, St. Joseph, and the surrounding areas in Michigan. Call now for a free quote. 269-414-4318

Going back to school can be scary, but make it exciting with these new suggestions for your back to school cleaning. Chem-Dry of SW Michigan is ready to help you out!